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Growth Hacker and Product Consultant by profession, Founder of Multiple Startups with experience in Digital Marketing, Product Designing, Growth Strategising, Advertising, and Content Marketing.

I have successfully executed over 50 marketing campaigns–covering emails, Facebook/Google Ads and Blogger meets, have custom-designed several B2B projects, 55 website projects, 15 mobile app projects.

I can help you optimise your product, increase engagement goals, collect and utilise comsumption data and use it to make your product bigger and better. Hit me up for a consult

D o w n l o a d A s c i a n


Product Design
Design Thinking
Digital Marketing
Brand Identity Design
Influencer Marketing

Service Offers

Growth Hacking

I use innovative design and behavioral data to drive result-driven campaigns.I optimise the campaigns to not just have exclusive but inclusive growth.

I working on scaling up in terms of Growth, customer engagement, customer life cycle using medium of Cotent Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marekting, Product Optimisation et al.

Product Consulting

Often when we translate ideas into products we face multiple roadblocks along the way, from structure to design to data collection and at times actual ground level execution.

As a consultant i make it all possible, from a road map to execution planning, Stratergic Support to making the product scrum, UI/UX guidelines, Consuption Pttern Matrix, Product Architecture and more.

Training And Development

I have conducted workshops on Design Thinking, Business Communication, & Growth Hacking. My core workshops happen with colleges, I have done on campuses of JIMS, IIT Delhi, Delhi University and more. I also conduct open workshop for entrepreneurs focusing on advanced learning.

D o w n l o a d


Board Certified Scrum Manager

Trained in Agile Framework and have executed multiple projects as a scrum master .

Design Thinking

Recognized and Certified in Design Thinking and its implimentation.

Adwords Google Certification


Certified in Google Adwords, Adsense and Analytics module.

Facebook Blueprints Certification


Facebook Certified Advertising and Planning Certification.

Latest Works

Online Product and Growth Stratergy

Full Time Consulting

Online Product Design

Full Time Consulting

Product Design

Consulting Project

Product Design

In-house Consulting

ML/AI Product Design

In-House Consulting

Product Optimisation

Consulting Project

Blog Articles

UBER IPO Disaster : 800$ return on 1000$ investment

UBER Technology IPO was one of the most awaited events for the financial market and startup ecosystem alike, defined as one of the fastest growing Unicorn, UBER technology IPO became official with an opening share price of $45, valuing the company at $91B, way lower than its orignal assessment of $120B Valuation Game UBER clocked

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Urban Poverty Unmasked

I love observing people around me, people are always an interesting set of people to read, we have so many layers, like a well-made croissant, flaky and mysterious but once cut, its all the same. Like the guy sitting opposite to me, clearly, he is hungry yet nitpicking the food while his companion had no

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Growth 2019 – What can you expect ?

Digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more witnessed a dramatic shift in 2018 and 2019 might push it to new heights. There may have been a time when you could’ve dismissed Instagram Marketing or video-based content as gimmicks but not in 2018 There are many new digital marketing trends

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