Gaana v/s Saavn v/s Prime Music v/s Google Play Music: What Should I Pay For?

With music streaming becoming the next big thing, it is highly imperative for a conscious buyer to know what to pay for. These streaming services have introduced premium plans for users for listening to advertisement free songs with some additional features for making the package to look much better.


Here is all about the top music streaming services and a conclusive comparison done for you.



One of the best free streaming apps, Gaana is ideal for streaming Bollywood music. It is supported by all Android, iOS, Web, and UWP. You can connect Gaana with your Facebook account to follow your friends. It does have a vast collection of Bollywood songs and albums which makes it a perfect companion for all time traveling youngsters.

Some special features of the service include night mode, sleep timer, gapless playback etc. Overall it is a great app but a messed up interface makes it comparatively less appealing than the other present-day services.


  1.    Free: You get unlimited streaming of songs (exclusive of the offline mode)
  2.   Gaana Plus: Rs. 99/month, Rs. 999 for a year (inclusive of the offline mode and highest quality option)



Saavn, naam toh suna hi hoga? One of the most desi music streaming service available in India, Saavn is actually worth the play. Ideal for streaming free Bollywood music it is supported by Android, iOS, Web, and UWP. The service though awesome is highly based on the ad-supported model which can be made ad-free with a premium plan. The service also includes international content to their ever-growing music catalog.

The service like Gaana lets you integrate your Facebook account. The best part about Saavn, without throwing any suggestions on you, it shows songs on the basis of the language you have selected.


  1. Free: You get unlimited streaming of songs (exclusive of the offline mode)
  2. Saavn Plus: Rs. 99/month (inclusive of the offline mode and highest quality option)


Amazon Prime Music:

It is ‘sasta’ and it is good. Amazon Prime Music is for steaming international music and is compatible with the Amazon Echo devices.  It is supported by Android, iOS, Web, UWP, Fire Stick etc. The library of this streaming is service is just huge and comes down to 30 million songs easily. Prime Music on Android and iOS is visually appealing and there is nothing which can be compared to the Alexa Integration which allows voice controlled playback. Also, Prime Music’s web app experience is just amazing.


Rs. 999 ( along with Amazon Prime)


Google Play Music:

Google has to get into everything leave alone the Indian music streaming business. Ideal for mood-based free music, Google Play Music is supported by Android, iOS, Web, Google Home etc. The Google label is actually enough to tell the users about some of the astounding features that the service has to offer. The user experience is actually amazing and the sections within the app are well done. The radio stations are made quite visible to the users. The search is quite effective and you can search an album with the name of the artist.


Free: Steaming of Radio Stations and 14 days free trial of the premium account which is charged at Rs.99 a month.



Conclusive Analysis:

Looking at the price point and services offered by all the streaming services, the starters of every service providers are good. The basic pack and the free versions are quite competitive. But when it comes to the premium account, there is no denying to the fact that Amazon Prime Music gets some extra marks for the features, type of music and services (bundled with Amazon Prime) coming at Rs.999.