Table For One – Adventure of a lifetime

“Automatic lights” I figured. Go fuck yourselves you crazy automatic lights

There are lines which make you smile, this made me chuckle. Its 6 am in the morning and I am halfway through Taaaraaa’s adventure. She is on a solo trip across Europe exploring herself, looking for love, beauty and hope.
She books a “Table for One” sits and enjoys a glass of wine or more.

I was having a shitty couple of weeks, and this book “Table for One” lay like a virgin on my shelf waiting to be made love too, calling me to her, with her smile and charm. I am halfway into devouring her, I don’t know if she is happy but she made me smile, actually made me chuckle, best lovemaking I have done in a long time.

I will not deep-dive into “Table for One” at this phase and hold the meatier parts to the later part of my monologue. Taara is the embodiment of today’s struggle, in an entitled world, she is a breath of fresh air. Low Self Esteem, Self-doubt, existential crisis, broken romances and a dull life tainted her horizon. Breaking from her shy, ever so cautious character, she stands outside the room of the guy she finds cute, the guy she danced with on the hilltop, the guy who came chasing her (in a not so creepy way) just to kiss her softly. Fighting her demons on a trek, creating her space while in sync with what she desires yet spinning tales of fantasy on a whim, she resonates to a strength which explores her. But then lets to get to what happens next, I am gonna quickly finish the book and complete this monologue.

The book, “Table for One” takes us through a journey of love and understanding, where there is a constant presence of a lover which keeps Taara on her thoughtful toes while the ongoing emotional monologue about love and her insecurities push her to realise more about her than she knows. The sprinkle of interesting characters adds flavour to the tale which acting as a conscious thought providing the right perspective to her own thoughts. Her interaction with various people, in various stages of life and love, help her figure out the answers she was looking for. Be it about spending time with the loved one rather than focusing on everything but them pushing for retirement only to realise that they are no longer there via Venky or be it about how Martha spun her entire life around her husband whose death left her crippled and broken for years only to discover love again.

The Summertime Romance speaks volumes about Taara’s dreams, loving someone who pushed her to be herself rather than something he wanted her to be. Acceptance and understanding became a new definition for Taara who was able to fight some of her insecurity around her, be it the attention of her parents, be it the entitled sense of gratitude towards her parents or the thought of doing what she wanted. Her adventure led her to break those boundaries and rise out of the person she wanted to be.

There is a relationship between the protagonist and a constant presence of inner desire built with various characters across the adventure building a beautiful relationship throughout “Table for One”.

Often the work of art speaks volumes not just about the muse but the artist themselves, there is role reversal where the protagonist and writer swap roles and you can sense the message and construct the writer worked on. Be it the foreshadowing prevalent across the text or the subtle undertones to set the right ambience of text, there is always the writer showing herself off in the most beautiful manner herself. Neha, the author herself hand holds Taara by various presence setting wheels of change in motion, creating the beautiful world around her, helping her come out of her insecurity while she stands and watches with a smile.